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  • Climate Samurai DNV GL article
    04 December 2017 | Energy | Article

    Climate Samurai - Indian wind power sector

    The article was first published in the December 2017 issue of Climate Samurai and republished with permission.
  • Maritime Impact issue 02-2017
    01 December 2017 | Maritime | Magazine

    Maritime Impact 02-2017

    Focus on smarter operations including remote inspections, e-certificates, CFD simulations, energy management and much more (PDF, 64 pages, 12 MB)
  • Certification for the wind energy of tomorrow - report
    29 November 2017 | Renewables Certification | Report

    Value of certification

    Bright future for wind demands extended risk management: : download available from 29 November 2017
  • Customer magazine for the offshore industry
    23 November 2017 | Maritime | Magazine

    Offshore Update 02-2017

    Covering topics such as new offshore rules, DP-station capability, autonomous shipping, digitalization, transfer of class, offshore wind farms and more.
  • Making renewables smarter
    21 November 2017 | Energy | Solar energy | Wind energy | Power and renewables | Position paper

    Making renewables smarter

    The benefits, risks, and future of artificial intelligence in solar and wind energy
  • STREAM model presentation
    21 November 2017 | Energy | Energy markets and regulations | Paper

    StRe@M model

    Dispatch optimization
  • Flexibility in the power system - white paper
    09 November 2017 | Energy | Energy storage | Power and renewables | Whitepaper

    Flexibility in the power system

  • Concrete compression fatigue paper
    09 November 2017 | Renewables Certification | Paper

    Concrete compression fatigue - Design rules and focus areas for testing

    Presented at the International Symposium on Multiscale Experimental Mechanics 2017 on 9 November, Lyngby, Denmark
  • Alok Kumar interview Climate Samurai
    06 November 2017 | Energy | Article

    Climate Samurai interviews Alok Kumar

    India continues to be one of the priority markets for DNV GL and we will continue to invest and bring-in innovative solutions for the local requirements.
  • Going green white paper
    01 November 2017 | Sustainable use of energy | Whitepaper

    Going Green

    How LED’s can impact a grow house from seed to sale
  • Praxishandbuch Schnittstellen 2. Ausgabe
    01 November 2017 | Renewables Certification | Report

    Interface management offshore wind

    DNV GL Renewables Certification has written Sec. 1.13: Zertifizierung. The book is only available in German and can be downloaded from the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency.
  • PV magazine: A new outlook for the energy transition, November 2017
    01 November 2017 | Energy | Solar energy | Article

    A new outlook for the energy transition

    Reprinted with permission from PV Magazine, November 2017
  • HighLight 71
    01 November 2017 | Laboratories | Magazine

    HighLight 71

    DNV GL’s Quarterly Newsletter of Testing, Inspections & Certification
  • Valid list of certifications spreadsheet
    20 October 2017 | Renewables Certification | Report

    List of Certificates (XLSX) - update 20 October 2017

    To download a list of all valid certificates DNV GL has issued, please click the link below
  • How to certify in wind energy paper
    20 October 2017 | Renewables Certification | Paper

    How to certify in wind energy – risk mitigation on a new level

    To download this paper, please fill in the form
  • Shuttle Tankers paper
    19 October 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Shuttle tankers

    Vessels built to be fit for purpose – providing safe, flexible and efficient operations
  • Hydrogen - decarbonizing heat (white paper front cover)
    15 October 2017 | Oil & Gas | Whitepaper


    Decarbonizing heat
  • Topics covering autonomous shipping, hybrid ferries, LNG fueled Ro-Pax, Interferry, future ferry designs and many more.
    04 October 2017 | Maritime | Magazine

    Ferry and Ro-Ro Update

    Covering topics such as autonomous shipping, hybrid ferry, LNG fueled Ro-Pax, digitalization and many more.
  • Cover DNV GL position paper Standardisation as an enabler of digitisation in the maritime industry
    22 September 2017 | Maritime srp | Position paper

    Standardisation as an enabler of digitalization – in the maritime industry

    DNV GL's strategic maritime research programme with new position paper on the need for standards as an enabler of digitalisation in the maritime industry.
  • Standardisation as and enabler of digitalization
    18 September 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Standardisation as and enabler of digitalization

    This paper discusses the role of standards, the benefits that can be created and the need for organisations to develop standardisation strategies, all in a maritime context (40 pages, 1.3 MB)
  • Internet of people whitepaper 2017
    15 September 2017 | Life sciences srp | Whitepaper

    Internet of People 2017 whitepaper

    The pace at which healthcare technology is accelerating will provide unique opportunities.