Grids meet Renewables – Wind Europe Conference

The event will provide space for an open dialogue between renewables and grid industries, deep diving on the key challenges and potential solution and current best practices implemented by industry and civil society

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Proud to support
DNV GL is proud to be sponsor at Wind Europe Conference ‘Grids meet Renewables’.
We will be present in the conference, at the marketplace and at the best practice fair. 

DNV GL Experts
Our experts will be sharing their expertise during the event:
Presentation: Outlook of system needs and future transformation
Presenter: Ditlev Engel, DEO DNV GL - Energy
Date/time: Tuesday 20 February / 16:15-17:30
Abstract: DNV GL’s Energy CEO Ditlev Engel will set the scene for an interesting discussion on ‘Operating the grid with larger shares of variable renewables’. What is the outlook of system needs and future transformation? 

Our Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) report shows an accelerating growth rate in RES. This calls for a wide investment in the power grid. Yet grid expansions in the ‘classical’ way -by building new overhead lines or laying cables- are not always optimal. Beside long-term structural grid expansions, the introduction of new and smart technologies in the grid is needed to provide solutions also on medium-term timescale. This needs to be complemented by a re-evaluation of regulation and operational procedures, which in turn may impact the governance of the power system.

With a large number of electricity interconnection projects planned in Europe (ref. recently published list of PCIs), it will be essential to ensure the reliability and security of such infrastructure / grid components, for Europe's energy security, affordability, and -to some extent- sustainability ("energy trilemma"). 

Best Practice Fair
The best Practice Fair will create opportunities for the exchange and discussion of best practices in different areas that are relevant for a renewables-based energy landscape. DNV GL will be participating in two best practices:

  • 'Promotion (Progress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks)' more info
  • Data analytics of flow-based market coupling data for power interconnectors more info
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To pre-book a meeting or for any further information, please email contact.energy@dnvgl.com.